Sunday, January 3, 2010

Life In The Swift Lane

Some days...our lives are moving far too swiftly, Dears. And, let's face it! The constant barrage of demands and requests on our already limited time just may have you overwhelmed in any number of ways. What to do? What to do?

The first and best action you can do and find a comfortable location and RELAX! Take a deep breath, that's right... inhale and a lovely long exhale! Feel a wee bit better? By now, you certainly know all the trigger points and muscles that tense or "act up" during stressful events. Focus on relaxing those areas. Next, try some gradual, gentle and slow stretches of the entire body...relaxing each muscle...this should help. We're strong advocates of a relaxing massage, too!

Remain steady and calm while intentionally clearing your mind of racing thoughts. Know and remind yourselves that you and you alone are capable of controlling your own thoughts. You are also fully able to control how you react to every incoming nuance and bombardment life sends us on a daily basis! With those empowering thoughts in mind, allow only peaceful images and feelings into your mind. Drift...drift...swirl...and slow dance in your mind's eye whilst expunging all thoughts for the moment!

Once you're feeling a bit more refreshed and relaxed, do take a peek at your lifestyle. We mean actually taking a closer look at your life, in total. What elements are absolutes or constants in your life? Well,... there is the Big C. The Big C is Commitment...Family, Career, School and Friends, which equals Lifestyle. And, unless you're planning a huge getaway, The Big C is not going anywhere anytime too soon. Then there's always The Big O. The Big O is Obligation...that's right the dreaded financial obligations inherent with life and even moreso, the good life you're living or striving towards. This is all together a part of our lifestyle! Don't want to forget the Big S which is Sharing and goes without saying, Giving Back in all areas where life has blessed us. Finally, yes,...the Big T factor, Time (which we never have enough of) and Temperance. Temperance is the Harmony, Balance and Health in our lives. Ahhhh, and you're reading this article right about now, because of the BIG T?! Right? What do all of these lovely elements of life add up to? COST. That's right, COST! What COST are you realistically willing, capable and able to expend and live with for peace of mind?

Pitting all these factors together,...assess and reassess...! Chart your own destiny! Literally and figuratively. Make a decision to begin a new day and a new YOU! Don't be discouraged if you can't get a grasp on many of the COST factors just yet, now...for as Rome was not built in a day, most likely you needn't expect changes in your life immediately.  Chances are...charting your own destiny may even be a bit emotionally painful.  But, you'll feel better, more relaxed and empowered to know that you're in charge and charting an approach tactic, to find more time and peace of mind for the future! Let us know how you're doing Dears?

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