Saturday, January 30, 2010

Your Cup Runneth Over?

Your Cup Runneth Over?

Suddenly, You're Overwhelmed at
Everything Your Special Event is Shouting Out For?

Well, Don't be.
The Best of the Best has come
 to the rescue!
By answering YOUR
intrinsic needs and questions right here...
one question at a time, now.

Won't You Join Us?

Tyler and Maria ask:
We're About To Get Engaged and Need Some Help
in Selecting a Diamond. Can You Help?

Roger asks:
It's our Anniversary, and I want to give my wife her first diamond.
How do I choose one?

Tiffany and Milos:
Our daughter-in-law just delivered her first child, we're
proud grandparents! And, we want to give her diamonds.  How
do we know we're giving quality diamonds?

Glad You Asked! 

Diamonds are gifts that last forever and speak so
many languages of love!  The brilliance of diamonds are  a symbol of unity, longevity and strength!

We always like to suggest the following:

A diamond selection may be made by four main characteristics:
Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut

Carat is the weight/size of a diamond, measured in carats.
Clarity is the degree of or freedom from inclusions in diamonds.
Color is the gradations of color in diamonds.
Cut is the precise cut of the diamond, which creates the light-reflecting appearance.

From Round Diamonds to Princess or Marquise
the selection process may be daunting
very worth the care taken!

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